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Environmental and Energy Masters and LLM Programs

With each passing season, we see the potential effects of climate change in action. Communities around the world face the threat of unprecedented flooding and drought, record-breaking snowfalls and wildfires, and more violent storms.

Meanwhile, policy makers pass over alternative energy solutions in favor of new pipelines, more offshore drilling and widespread fracking. Energy transmission infrastructure creates dangerous bottlenecks between generators and users. Energy law and regulation fail to keep pace with development and demand, leaving our water, land and shorelines contaminated and threatened.

Energy infrastructure is, of course, only one of our concerns. Our planet is under increasing pressure. Communities and whole regions remain at risk for water scarcity and food insecurity. Farmers are unable to bring their previously abundant supply to market, impacting the food system and cost of daily needs. Energy generation contributes to global problems, yet energy availability remains key to most solutions.

As advocates, we accept our responsibility to muster for change that can make a difference. We recognize the complexity of problems, and the need for nuanced, multi-faceted solutions. When we learn how to champion legal and societal change through advocacy, policy transformation, and action, we elevate the debate. We help society move from rhetoric and calcified side arguments to complex thinking and outcome-based conversation.

At Vermont Law School, we lead the industry in environmental legal and policy education, with online degrees that make it easier for you to put your studies into immediate action. We’re passionate about providing solutions for the planet, and the natural systems and people on it. Our programs channel that passion with some of the nation’s top faculty delivering some of the best environmental policy and law degrees available today.

Online Masters Programs

The online Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP) and Masters of Energy Regulation and Law (MERL) are designed to give both law and nonlaw students a deep knowledge and understanding of the policies and laws shaping global environmental solutions.
Online LLM Programs

The online LLM in Environmental Law and online LLM in Energy Law programs are developed for post-JD attorneys seeking to specialize in the practice of environmental law and energy law. Develop your specialized practice and prepare to shape global environmental and energy law and policy.

Masters and LLM residential programs

Vermont Law School was established in 1973 and has gained national recognition as a law school of excellence. This environmental law program has been at the forefront of the field since 1978, and it holds the distinction of being the only program of its kind available on-campus and online.

Experience a Top Environmental Law Program

  • Join a one-of-a-kind program — Focus on understanding the complexities of environmental law and policymaking and the legal regime that guides our environmental advocacy.
  • Learn from the best — Interact with and learn from the stellar faculty of the world’s leading environmental advocates, legal scholars, and practitioners.
  • Benefit from Vermont Law School’s top-notch reputation — Enroll in the country’s most prestigious environmental law program with the broadest and deepest curriculum in the nation.
  • Choose your area of focus — Concentrate specifically in Climate Law, Food & Agriculture Law, or Energy Law.
  • Become a voice of influence — Prepare yourself to assume key environmental leadership roles in public, nonprofit, and private organizations.
  • Earn advanced credits — Inquire about JD credit for online courses.

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