​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​30 cred​its​

Required Courses

All of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ENV5226 Energy Law & Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World3
​ENV5228 Energy Regulation, Markets, and the Environment3
ENV5220 Environmental Economics and Markets3​
REQ7180 Public Law3​

Project/Writing Requirement

May choose one ​​of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
CLI9427 Energy Clinic4
CLI9437 Advanced Energy Clinic4
ENV5303 Advanced Energy Writing Seminar2
Independent Research Project or AWR on an Energy Topic
MERL Externship4-10
Participation in the Institute for Energy and the Environment Research Associate Program

Energy Electives

At least six (6) credits from the following energy elective courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ENV5344Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy3
ENV5375Global Energy Justice2
ENV5498 America's Energy Crisis​2
ENV5476 Nuclear Power and Public Policy2
ENV5468 Oil & Gas Production & the Environment2
ENV5469 Oil & Gas Development & the Environment3
ENV5492Renewable Energy Law and Policy2
ENV5550 Renewable Energy Project Finance & Development2
ENV5510 Essentials of the Electric Grid - Engineering1
ENV5511 Essentials of the Electric Grid - Business1
ENV5512 Essentials of the Electric Grid - Legal1

General Electives

At least three (3) credits from the following general elective courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ENV5105 Administrative Law​​3
ENV5205 Air Pollution Law & Policy​​3
Any dispute resolution course2-3
ENV5209 CERCLA Law & Policy​​3
ENV5210 CERCLA Liability & Cleanup3
ENV5212 Climate Change and the Law​​3
ENV5365 Climate Change: The Power of Taxes​​2
ENV5115 Environmental Law​​3
ENV5125 Land Use Regulation​​3
PUB7550 National Security Law​​3

Remaining electives may be chosen from the courses and experiential options listed above and from the following list of approved courses.


Elective Courses​​

Course Code Course Title Credits
ADR6405 Arbitration​​2
ADR6410 Alternative Dispute Resolution​​3
ADR6412 Mediation​​2
ADR6415 Environmental Dispute Resolution​​3
ADR6420 Negotiation​​2
ADR6425 Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (JD students only)3
ADR6450 Advanced Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar​​2
​BUS6262 Social Enterprise Law​​2
BUS6305 Nonprofit Organizations​​3
BUS6350 Nonprofit Management​​2
CLI9302 Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic (JD or LLM students only)6
CLI9405 Dispute Resolution Clinic I​​4
CLI9450 Land Use Clinic (JD or LLM students only)6
DIV7620 Native Americans & the Law​​3
DIV7628 Indian Tribes as Government Stewards of the Environment​​2
ENV5570 Feeding a Hot and Hungry Planet2
ENV5105 Administrative Law​​3
ENV5110 Ecology of Food & Agriculture​​3
ENV5112 Science for Environmental Law​​3
ENV5115 Environmental Law​​3
ENV5125 Land Use Regulation​​3
ENV5205 Air Pollution​​ Law and Policy3
ENV5209 CERCLA Law & Policy​​3
ENV5212 Climate Change & the Law​​3
ENV5220 Environmental Economics & Markets​​3
ENV5226 Energy Law & Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World​​3
ENV5227 Environmentalism in America​​3
ENV5228 Energy Regulation and the Environment​​3
ENV5235 Natural Resources Law​​3
ENV5239 Land Transactions & Finance​​3
ENV5245 Water Resources Law​​3
ENV5246 Water Quality​​3
ENV5250 Watershed Management​​ and Protection3
ENV5302 Animal Law​​2
ENV5303 Advanced Energy Writing Seminar​​2
ENV5304 Comparative Environmental Law Research​​2
ENV5305 Environmental Ethics​​2
ENV5310 Environmental Health Law​​2
ENV5335 Extinction & Climate Change​​2
ENV5342 Legal Adaptations to Global Warming2
ENV5346 New Frontiers in Environmental Policies2
ENV5349 Regulating the Marine Environment​​2
ENV5356 Scientific Controversies​​2
ENV5365 Climate Change: the Power of Taxes​​2
ENV5380 Food Regulation & Policy​​3
ENV5404 Green Marketing Law​​2
ENV5405 Ecosystem Conservation Strategies​​2
ENV5406 Animal Rights Jurisprudence​​2
ENV5423 Ocean and Coastal Law​​3
ENV5430 Ecology​​3
ENV5446 Environmental Justice​​2
ENV5462 Public Lands Management: Montana Field Study​​3
ENV5468 Oil and Gas Production and the Environment​​2
ENV5474 Land Conservation Law​​2
ENV5476 Nuclear Power and Public Policy​​2
ENV5490 Renewable Energy and Other Alternative Fuels2
ENV5498 America's Energy Crisis​​2
ENV5500 Environmental Aspects of Business Transactions​​2
ENV5510 Three Essentials of the Electric Grid​​1
ENV5521 Earth Law​​2
ENV5540 Public Health Implications of U.S. Ag & Food Policy​​2
ENV5560 Environmental Protection & the Law of Armed Conflict2
ENV5561 Environmental Enforcement and Compliance​​2
GPP7819 GPP: Environmental Issues in Business Transactions (JD students only)2
INT7421 International Environmental Law​​ and Policy3
INT7440 Comparative U.S.-China Environmental Law​​2
INT7446 International Trade and the Environment​​2
JUR7307 Culture & the Environment​​2
JUR7330 Moral Philosophy for Professionals2
PUB7510 Legislation​​3
PUB7525 Legislative Clinic​​6
INT7450 International Investment Arbitration & the Environment​​6
​WRI7344 Advanced Legal Research (JD or LLM students only)​​3
WRI7380 Advanced Environmental Legal Research​​​1

NoteThis page is offered as a quick, simplified glance of a complex topic. Please consult the Academic Regulations section​ of the 2016–2017 Student Handbook for full and official degree requirements.